OpenBazaar Integration (Bitcoin Service) With Tor Network

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Tor network is a service that ensures anonymity protection while using internet, by routing all the data through a network of computers around the world.  Integrating any online services with Tor network, will ensure enhanced privacy. And that’s what OpenBazaar plans to execute.

Integrating OpenBazaar with a Tor network will provide privacy to all the shoppers and clients using this service.

The information about this plan is a little vague, but from what is known, according to the developers, the most likeliest route to an early integration, is creation of an “onion only” network nodes which operate as a covert service which is exclusively available to other Tor nodes.

Time-table for a “dual stack” configuration has yet to be offered, though the proposed roadmap acknowledges the above. This is because the solution isn’t really an ideal one since it will result in a segregated Tor network.

On a complicated feature front, OpenBazaar hopes to roll-out mobile app integrated with third-party messaging bots, like Slack, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram etc., designed to relay messages from a “remote” node. This is expected to happen over a span of next year.

The post explains that, they aim to develop a client-only mobile app, which would empower the users to completely manage their node remotely and securely.

On the long run, the OpenBazaar team says that. They want to improve the existing reputation system, add more functionality to the marketplace shopping cart, and create a plug-in system to allow third-party development on top of the base infrastructure.

The OpenBazaar team also proposes a plan to start an in-house contracting system.

The post states that, “Contract flexibility will allow for an expansion of OpenBazaar to facilitate any type of complex transaction”.

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