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Only recently have the implications of an immutable public register been understood. Evolving from Bitcoin & digital currency to the value of private Blockchains within industries and enterprises, we are definitely witnessing the awnings of a game-changing shift.

Like with any new revolutionary system, there are many doubts and hypes revolving around public, permissioned and private Blockchains. Most companies with inbuilt Blockchains of their own are distancing themselves from Bitcoin industry wide.

There are 4 main assets that make Blockchains exciting

  1. Proof authenticity: The ability to trace goods or data back to its inception
  2. Data notarization: The ability to know when a piece of data came into existence
  3. Data aggregation: A shared database, where no one user can tamper audits and records without consensus.
  4. Asset settlement

These properties provide opportunities for streamlining backend procedures within and between enterprises. Along with it, Bitcoin connects manufacturers and resellers through the same Blockchain. This reduces the authentication costs needed for returns and repairs. Moreover, data that is notarized and stored cannot be manipulated. It provides for faster and more accurate audits that cannot be tampered with. This multitude of benefits can be easily acquired through permissioned or private Blockchains. So, it becomes very easy to guess the reason for putting a distance between themselves and Bitcoin, a public Blockchain.

However, Bitcoin still remains the only Blockchain, till today, that allows provisions for instantaneous and a nearly zero-cost asset settlement. What’s more? Bitcoin is not a representation of a value, but an actual value. Hence, settlements happen instantaneously and nearly for free.

With Bitcoin, it is possible to move money and assets in an instant. It cuts down the hassles of slow, expensive and multitier system of legacy service providers. What once took weeks, now takes hours and the middlemen are cut out of the equation. Plus you get all the benefits at minimal costs.

For all its endless advantages, Blockchains and cryptocurrencies have yet to implemented in more than just imaginations. It however, remains up to you now, to use the Bitcoin’s virtual liquidity to create real world opportunities for your business.

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