Bitquick Being Acquired By US Based Digital Currency ATM Network


A US based digital currency ATM network acquires Bitcoin exchange startup BitQuick. The acquisition comes months after the temporary shut down due to a cyber attack.

The Athena Bitcoin operating in the Midwestern and eastern portion of the United States is purchasing the exchange. They also hire the team members Jad Mubaslat and Chad Davis. However, the purchase amount is not disclosed.

Last week, the integration went live silently with a formal integration to be taken today. Jad says that the team will continue to operate as it has previously in the present term in an interview. However, the financial backing will be used to increase the size and capacity of the team.

The Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of the Athena Bitcoin Gil Valentine says that the acquisition of all digital exchange interfaces is very good to the physical ATM network of his company.

He further says that the story and the branding is liked by us. He also says that the way of Jad and Chad handling everything is appreciated by us and the brand will safe in their hand.

According to Mubaslat, there is no link of sale to the server breach in the March. He states that the decision was taken due to many person factors which are outside of the bitcoin space. BitQuick also said that there were incidents in the past when the customer details such as names and email address were leaked.

Mubaslat also says that he understood all the desirable possible concerns following the hack, the response of the BitQuick was defended by him. It transparent all what happened and he says all the outstanding balance will refunded to the customers.

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