Cerber Bitcoin Ransomware Turns Into An Automated ‘Factory Of Malware’

Bitcoin Malware

The latest version of Bitcoin Ransomware opens a gamut of new challenges for security stalwarts. ‘Malware Factory’ is the new weapon of destruction which generates different versions of Cerber at regular intervals of 15 sec.

Till date, Cerber is the most feared Bitcoin Ransomware; its developers leave no stone unturned in making it a unique entity by updating the source code every now and then.

Security Stalwarts are no less behind in trying to identify the security issues at hand and resolving them as soon as possible but this time the ball is in the court of malware developers.

The recently launched version of Cerber comprises a feature called ‘malware factory’ which generates malware every 15 sec. The frequency and speed of generation ensures that the installed security programs do not work well on potential victims. It is believed that for the first time such feature has been introduced in ransomware, and has made the work of security experts even more intriguing.

The Command & control service changes the hash file of Cerber binaries every 15 seconds increasing the probability of infecting the computer system and network. The process being fully automated only adds to the complexity of ‘detection’ of malware, by security experts. It is essential for the experts to come up with innovative ideas to counter the threat presented by this new feature of ransomware.

Amidst large number of technological advancements taking place every second around globe; this short news was about the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin Ransomware.

Not long before, the arena of infecting system was the genre of encrypted files alone, now it seems the frontiers been overtaken by certain malware performing DDoS attacks using computers held hostage.

Consumers are advised to keep a backup of files on their system all times, and ensure that their security software and operating system are revised.

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