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Profit Coince Bitcoin Investment

Coince has been an upper hand to its customers, serving them for quite some time now, where as it has been years for hash ocean paying out its customers. Hashocean and coince both want to make their company legitimate as compared to others in market.

If we go on a comparison between coince and Hashocean the following things has been considered important:

  • Hashocean has its focus on bitcoin cloud mining and this is considered to be the much riskier business as compared to its companion coince which is focused on bitcoin investment business , having there self on the safer side .
  • Coince have been in the bitcoin mining business also.

On signing up in the coince , customers will get a sixty day contract with the electricity cost taken in account. The biggest what you get is return on your investment and company has confirmed to give 3% return and if we look for 60 days it has been  180% return on the investment . Isn’t it nice?

It seems to be very difficult to return 3% of every investment but the company has promises and it will very exciting to see that how they manages to pay that off. But from the customers perspective it has been very best deal to have with them.

As up to now there has been no feedback about the coince investment policy and it seems that only few of the customers has taken interest in this matter . As there is no perfect proof that return has been paid off or not. The only proof that is lying on its website which doesn’t comprises of any known reputed costumers to be paid, it also doesn’t have any transaction id. Just there are some accounts showing transaction but they all are new ones, not any older one. It also shows that there is very small amount of bitcoin process going on.

So it has been just the same that investing here involves a great sum of risk but profit margin also seems to be greater , and it depends upon customer that whether to invest in it or not.

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