Kim Dotcom To Revive Megaupload With Assistance Of Bitcoin

Megaupload Bitcoin

The announcement of the controversial online content entrepreneur Kim Dotcom stating that he is planning to re-launch the Megaupload website next year ad hints that the site will accept the bitcoin. This announcement has created a stir among the users of bitcoin.

There are many different views of the bitcoiners among the success of Megaupload version 2.0 and his association with a file sharing platform that run afoul of the law. The legal battle of the Dotcom with the government of the United States continues.

Megaupload, Bitcoin, Coupled

There was a tweet by the Dotcom, in which he says that I can tell you that the Bitcoin and Megaupload had sex and due to this one can pregnant. I had a strong feeling in myself that the baby will be such a joy for us. He further states that the Megaupload will re-launched on 20 January, 2017 on the fifth anniversary of the US government closed his names of his domain.

Reinstating of the legacy of the users of the Megaupload

According to the Dotcom, the former users of the Megaupload will get their account back, which can spell the future of the legal complications. There was lots of attention garnered by the recent language of the Dotcom on the Twitter and other online websites. According to one tweeter, the Doctom is re-launching Megauload only to annoy the government of the United States, who harassed him.

New features Likely to be added

The new version of the Megaupload 2.0 will offer 100gb of free storage as stated by the Plus, the users will be able to sync all their devices and there will be no transfer limits on the data.

Charges will continue

The website of the Dotcom cost record film studios and firms around $500 million. Dotcom further claimed that he was not the reason behind the copyright infringement. For now, the prospects for his file sharing venture accepting bitcoin will remain unknown.

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