Dash Is Added To Atms In Latin America Through Tigoctm

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In Latin America, the Buying Dash has become very easy for the users of the cryptocurrency, no matter they are underbanked, unbanked or just looking to offer protection to their savings from the malfeasance of the government. The Dash is added to the roster of currencies by a Panama based Crypto Teller Machine, which is available on its network.

There is also a plan to depoy and expand extra machines across the Latin America, Panama and the  world in the upcoming months.

Cindy Zimmerman, who is the CEO of the TigoCTM says that we have started this company in Panama because there were no way before for anyone to convert the cash into cryptocurrency. Plus, the demand for the  other way to have access to the money arises quickly after the financial crisis of Venezuela. He further said that we will an influx of a larger customer base after the addition of the Dash to our network.

The Chief Technical Officer of the Dash Daniel Diaz said that around 4,000 master node servers are used by the Dask geographically distributed across the world to verify the transactions safely. He further said that it is safe, private and stable and it is managed by a government structure, who offer a voice to the community to ensure improvements constantly to the network. It is an excellent chance to offer immediate access to the users in the Panama, in partnership with the  TigoCTM.

There are lots of users, who don’t want to use the banking system. Also, there are very limited options to convert the cash into bitcoin worldwide, even with a bank account.

The second birthday was celebrated by the Dash in the January with a vote to increase its blocksize from 1 MB to 2 MB among its stakeholders. The thoughts were shared by the Chief Architect of the Dash Evan Duffield with Finance Magnates regarding this move and its creation.

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