Bitcoin Paywall’s Role For Betterment Of Online Media

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Bitcoin – The internet users are fed up with the online advertisements, which have become a nuisance for them. The internet users try to make peace with the online advertisements, but the ads continue to become more annoying and making people to find the alternative measures such as ad blockers.

Recently a Blockchain + Digital Currencies conference concluded, which one of the main topics discussed was regarding the digital currency’s role to improve the experience. Advertisements are one of the most important parts of different online media websites. They offer free content to their visitors and generate revenue from the advertisements. The Majority of these platforms will be unable to operate without advertisements. These ads kill the user experience at the same time.

Along with interference, these online ads are distributed via ad networks employing cookies an employ tracker, which held a tracks of the activities of the users whole meddling with the load times of page. If the media platforms find an alternative way to earn profits, they can improve the user experience by eliminating advertisements. The digital currencies such as Bitcoin may get able to provide these online media websites with that alternative revenue channel.

The people are made more feasible by the digital currencies to make micro and nano transactions, which can’t be possible with the traditional payment system. For e.g. the transaction cost for completing a microtransaction with the flat currency can exceed the amount of  the transaction itself.

Generally, the paywalls have been looked by the people down. The online platforms can generate revenue by setting up a paywall, which need users to pay a small amount in the digital currencies, in order to access content. They can keep their website free from the advertisements at the same time. The reduction of online ads can result in taking down the risk of malware and other security vulnerabilities.

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