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The ever increasing popularity of Bitcoin has led the average block size closer to its prescribed limit of 1 MB. Blocks are the fundamental transactions bundle of the cryptocurrency. With a standardized proof of creation difficulty, a single block is created every 10 minutes. A BTC miner probably wishes to maximize the transactions on a block to elevate transaction fees.

Ironically, when some blocks are consumed to capacity, their still exists a whole lot of empty blocks being mined. Still, one should remember that mining empty blocks is  an equally arduous job. The ratio of empty blocks to the filled ones, vary drastically from their counterparts in some other mining pool. Mining pools like Bitfury, BitCLub Network and Kano CKPool reportedly don’t mine empty blocks.

Empty blocks: Numbers

The Number of Empty Blocks has witnessed a considerable drop overboard since few months. The primary speculation behind this alteration is been awarded to Bitcoin Core 0.12, which slashes out the validation time between a block mined by one pool with respect to the mining of one new block which is non empty.

Empty blocks do exist and are created when hashing capability needs to be utilized to its full potential. With the receiving of a block from a contender, several set of actions need to be executed. Mainly, the new block needs to be downloaded to the local server, transaction validations and further defining of a block to mine upon. Of all the transactions, only the coinbase transactions are filtered and stored.

Are they good?

The primary reason behind the development of cryptocurrency network is to boost economy of different nations and primarily, decentralize the funds for any firm. Aimed at processing transactions, the Bitcoin network gets infected by empty blocks at times. Empty blocks can be mined and are way too implemented in the mainstream. With gradual decrease in block offerings, and elevated transaction fees, mining empty blocks will go downtrend to bearish after a period in the industry.

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