Isilines To Accept Payment For International Bus Travel Through Bitcoin Currency

International Bus Travel Bitcoin

International bus travel agencies are becoming quite popular these days. A French bus travel company ‘Isilines’ has started experimenting with a unique idea of accepting payments through cryptocurrency BTC as well as normal currency. This is the first company to exercise such a policy of accepting bitcoin payments for their services. It is predicted that many companies will soon follow in this travel company’s footsteps.

Since August this year, this company has started accepting bitcoin payments for customers availing their bus travel services. Though this is just an experiment, they are hopeful of this becoming a new trend in the future.

Payments through Bitcoin can be done on the travel company’s website when you are ordering the ticket. There is still uncertainty whether the in-bus payments will be made available soon or not but chances are slim that this will be the case. The travel tours will require ticket reservation beforehand as this is a world class international transportation service and not your average public one.

It is quite baffling when you think about the benefits of accepting bitcoins even though users can pay for their travel tickets using traditional methods. One of the main benefits is the faster transaction validation at absolutely no additional costs and the other one is conversion to EUR payment right away.

Additionally, Isilines also receives money in their accounts within the next few business days which is in stark contrast to card payments which can take lot of days, if not weeks to fully clear.

Richard Dujardin, the CEO of Transdev France, gave quite a unique perspective of his company’s policies; he sees his company’s services as a sign of ‘ground-breaking innovation policy’. He also shed light on the fact that his company is happy to propose Bitcoin currency as an alternative but even if his policy fails, his company will lose nothing in return, even in the worst case scenario. But if it works, his company will surely attract lot of customers towards using their services.

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