Opera And Bitcoin Integration: Pure Rumor

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There has been an article on web going viral by Cointelegraph’s Joseph Young that, Opera Browser may consider integrating Bitcoin. In fact, there is no such news to report between Opera and Bitcoin. Such sloppy journalism can potentially harm the reputation of either parties among companies and stakeholders.

There have been tweets and retweets from Joseph young and Opera on this matter of implementing built-in Adblock, and there was no admittance from Opera regarding the integration. Without proper evidences, such news should not be publicized. They contribute to rumors and havoc. This article is certainly an act of concocting an article out of thin air.

Well, this is not the only article with a loose interpretation of facts. There are other misleading articles on Bitcoins as this currency has a potential to become a universal currency eventually. It is a larger issue than simply wasting people’s time with click-bait and fake articles. It creates a false sense of momentum that, when it fails to materialize, can hurt crypto currencies.

“Bitcoin has been banned” articles are constantly useful for snaps.

What number of individuals trusts Bitcoin BTC is banned in Thailand, China or another nation because an interactive feature was picked over a precise one?

How many people are waiting for countries to start using Bitcoin as their national currency? How many people think of an Apple or Google currency or wallet is right around the corner?

More important: how many people have stopped waiting for those things and how many fake articles and vaporware projects does it take before people start giving up on the crypto-revolution entirely?

Crypto currencies are to a great degree complex, and it takes somebody who comprehends it and the business to provide the details regarding it appropriately. Writers need to source their articles legitimately. Editors need to reign in their enthusiastic journalists. What’s more, readers need to respond negatively to the cheer-driving articles that tell pretty lies. Otherwise, Bitcoin news coverage will proceed as one major unreliable report.

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