Assominer – Another Bitcoin Cloud Mining Scam

ASSOMiner Investment Warning – ASSO promote itself as being the next level of Bitcoin cloud mining provider, but doubt has if anyone had received their full investment returns from these Bitcoin cloud mining companies.

If any website is claiming to have ventured with BTC Bitcoin Cloud Mining space it’s needed to be scrutinized. And for sure it does have some reasons; these are pricey business and it demands a lot of dedication. But mostly what people expect as to be returned to them from this Bitcoin mining is quite less than their expectation. It have been seen in many cases, it takes couple of months so let alone make a profit.

The companies like ASSOMiner has always been mistrustful for their fast returns and profits promises, they provide zero evidence of their mining hardware and the most distrustful thing about these kind of companies  are their home page always displays “limited offer time”, which expires today if you will check tomorrow also it will display the same thing.

One of the most hilarious things on these websites are they show their clients list to date, which includes, Coinbase and Unocoin. Doubt has if any of these mentioned companies have even heard of ASSOMiner, since the domain was registered on 27th August 2016. This elucidates the reason why we call it a complete scam, and being a beginner you shouldn’t invest on such companies.

As we know ASSOMiner lack evidence of their mining operations. But the home page of ASSOMiner proclaims of building reliable and efficient mining rigs, they also claim of having “experts for cooling and maintaining data centers”. But although this information is fake and it should be ignored.

The users of ASSOMiner are unable to see the project mining earnings until and unless they register an account. The main page of the website displays the investors can make “up to 1.5 Bitcoin per day” but only if they purchase several petahash of mining power. The pricing ASSOMiner may use, those expectation are completely quixotic. It is being suggested to stay away from this platform otherwise one will end up being bankrupt.

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