Craig Wright – Is He Multimillionaire Genius Who Started Bitcoin?

Craig wright Bitcoin Creator

The digital currency has become worth over £8bn which can be a threat for banks and is often compared to what Uber has done for cab services. Therefore, the question is if Craig Wright is a multimillionaire genius behind bitcoin or is he just trying to make people believe this?

Having invented bitcoin, the first successful virtual currency is worth over 10 billion dollars and Craig Wright personally, possesses the fortune of 672 million dollars. The pseudonym used by him was Satoshi Nakamoto, as a 37­year­old male person living in Japan. Looking at his calm and precise posts, he was assumed to be gentle as well as shy. However, after a meeting with Wright as well as Dr. Nicolar T Courtois, a French­Polish professor who is considered an expert

in cryptology, virtual currencies and specifically bitcoin along with several economists and Jon Matonis, founding director of Bitcoin Foundation, many questions were answered. Craig Wright seemed to be more impulsive because of his remarks like “F*** off if you don’t like it”. It definitely leads to a roar from the side of the PR in the room.

He seemed to have addressed with a lot of aggression using F*** off several times. The idea behind this interview was to reveal Craig Wright as the inventor of bitcoin BTC. Obviously, the search for Nakamoto was at its peak in the digital world.

Wright was a name in the frame that identified two parallel stories in December after a hacker claimed that he had retrieved data including emails, minutes of meetings as well as legal documents by hacking Wright’s computer indicated that he was the creator of bitcoin. However, there were also claims that some of these may be false or doctored.

This also leads the Australian tax authorities to raid his house. Hence there has been a dichotomy with regards to Craig Wright being the creator of bitcoin or possibly a perpetrator of a hoax that was detailed and elaborated to a great extent.

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