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Bitcoin – The two most populous and developed cities, Beijing and Shanghai in China are reminiscent of the two siblings. They have similar nature, but everyone has their distinct character. Some rivalry is inevitable in this light and it is now spilling into the blockchain industry of the country.

The visitors in Beijing will meet the bitcoin maximalists, who shrug at the idea of an alternative bank consortium or blockchain could challenge the network effect of digital economy amounting $ 10 billion. The difference of attitude is pronounced in Shanghai.

The Metaverse is a Shanghai-based company is the representative of the new block chain startups of the city. There are more than 20 employees working in the company, which is a big feat for the someone started around for less than a year. They recently held token blockchain token crowd sale, which raises more than ¥ 10 million within some weeks.

Not look like a battle

The outlook of the city is defined by many popular startups in Beijing, which call it home consisting bitcoin mining giant Bitman and many other exchanges such as OKCoin and Huobi.

The CEO of Shanghai-based Onchain Da Hongfei argues that a very different community and industry landscape has made in every city.  The main mission of the creator of a universal blockchain platform is at the adoption in both public as well as private markets.

The city has been popularly known as an established bitcoin center. A comprehensive bitcoin system enjoyed by the city further acknowledged by him.

Trend of fad

It is very early to say which brand of blockchain is winning. For example, the Da believes that other cities are following the lead of the Shanghai, in which it will be signing its view on the technology will surely win.

He said that Hangzhou is taking the lead in the R&D to the lower layer and distributed ledger technology.

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