Bitcoin Serious Threat Of Dirty Cow Vulnerability For Android, Linux Users

Bitcoin Serious Threat

One of the fundamental operating systems on the internet, Linux has again hit the spotlight for its age-old vulnerability – the Dirty Cow. This vulnerability resides in the code and hackers can use it to override the visibility of the app or device which uses Linux to operate. How serious is this threat to Bitcoin BTC users?

COW is the “Change on Write” system used by Linux, which means you can use COW to write your programs. However, what happens is when you allocate a new memory where you want the program to output the result, one can make the COW write the result to the old memory location. This means you grant access to the inner shell of the computer which does not happen normally.

Danger Through Theft of Personal Information

The obvious disaster waiting to happen is that the hacker copies all the passwords or starts to login to your sites. He or she can create a back door so that you find your site changed entirely from time to time. This way the hacker ‘resides’ on your site and does what he or she wants. For bitcoin users, this is suicide. Especially since more people are taking to android devices.

The fix for this has now been released and users must update their kernel errata fast. Though this is not a permanent solution, it will tackle all known concept exploits. The only consolation is that the hacker needs the capacity to gain ‘root access’ to your system and execute binary code on the shell. Use kernel self-protection software and your network firewalls to the fullest.

Be careful with your data

These web filters in your android device can help you defeat the ‘Dirty Cow’ before it comes close to your system. So, what do you do if you find something amiss? Simply reboot your system and in most cases, every trace of the infiltration will disappear. You can avoid unofficial third-party applications to reduce the threat of infection. Bitcoin users must take special care to use virus protection software on their devices.

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