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The revolutionary era of the Bitcoin alert system is about to end or directly can say it has ended. But why this vicious incident took place?

Reason behind retirement-

The evolutionary application was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, with an intention to inform all the Bitcoins users about the BTC. It was basically used to inform users about the most important Network alerts. Meanwhile, the alert system also represents a large source of consolidation in Bitcoins. The main holder of any singular key can send the alert, which could affect the entire network and make condition vulnerable.

As the more and more developer joined, they were given the key but the key wasn’t taken back from the people who left it, which actually degraded the potential as it went into the hand of some people, who literally used it with a malevolent desire. This process caused a very vicious harm to the network as there was only one alert key, and it is impossible to prevent the former developers from sending an alert and neither it is possible to catch the one who sends the alert.

The Bitcoins also lost its significant feature use. It was no longer used to inform the users about the problematic network events as the user can easily have the information from any Bitcoin news outlet.

It is practically known that any company is very precautious towards its security and over here; the vulnerable condition has lead to the retirement of Bitcoin.

Further proceedings-

This retirement process is proceeding with the final step to say BYE-BYE to its users; the pre-final alert will consist of the imminent retirement, as the warning message. The final maximum sequence alert can’t be overruled and display a static ‘Alert Key Compromised’ message, and the publishing of the alert key itself.

The final will be hard coded with into the Bitcoin core 0.14, to just to ensure that all the odd nodes have received the final salute. Well, it’s time to say Bye-Bye to Bitcoin now.

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