Person Who Hacked San Francisco Subway Hacker Ransom In Bitcoin

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The computerized fare system of the Muni also known as the Municipal Railway of the San Francisco was hacked last week. There was a ransom of 100 bitcoins BTC that equals around $73,000 demanded during the hack.

However the Muni trains have no effect, but the riders got a message on Friday and Saturday that “You Hacked, All Data Encrypted. The message that flashes on the computer screen of the Muni agents is that “Contact For Key([email protected]) ID: 681, Enter”. The Metro Free signs placed in front of screens with ticket machines looked out of order.

While there is no information released by the Muni related to their ongoing investigation, but some facts have been gleaned regarding the basic details of the attack. It looks to be a ransomware attack that is equal to look Muni out of its demanding a payment to get back in. The pseudonym Andy Saolis was used by the attackers.

HDD is a ransomware variation with reference to HDDCryptor. As per the researchers William Gamazo Sanchez and Stephen Hilt HDD will not only focus the resources in the network shares such as folders, files, printers and serial ports through the Server Message Block, but it will also lock the drive. This type of damaging routine develops this particular ransomware a credible and very serious threat for both the enterprises and home users.

The attackers performed the same ransomware attacks on lots of private companies is revealed by the Saolis Yandex email account. It shows that those companies are playing the bitcoin quietly instead of stating they had hacked. It appears that the account had collected $140,000 in extortion by looking through the different bitcoin wallets set up by the Saolis. In 2016, the ransomware attacks have become more prevalent.

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