Why There’s Still Expectation For Bitcoin Remittance Companies

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In this CoinDesk 2016 year in Review exceptional feature, Harrap contributes a deep dive into his takeout from almost three years of operating a bitcoin-founded BTC remittance start-up. 

As of the finish of 2016, we are currently about seven years into the bitcoin experimentation. There’s a lot of conducts to reach transmittals – from private blockchains, groups, apps, FX traders to distributed crypto currencies.

Let’s discover some of them as below.

What doesn’t work out

Traditional FX integrations

There are obviously additional currencies that are easily traded. But, if we are to resolve the subject of remittances internationally, we would require close to 180 currencies to be capable to be conducted easily and cost efficiently, and this is not presently possible.

P2P netting of payments

Transactions accepted from A to B and B to A can be ‘matched’, and as an alternative of essentially transferring the money through the SWIFT network, you can retain currency A and B in-country.

For the large remittance receiver countries, there are continuously more transactions coming in than is coming out, so corresponding an equal number of dealings to and from is mathematically not possible.

P2P apps

P2P apps usually want to try to link you to people who can perform as links in the chain closely. Though, some guy on the cross of a street you trail down by a dot on GPS doesn’t precisely illicit trust.

Private blockchains

If you are actually a bank, a private blockchain may provide a few aids to you in relaxing payments between your mediators or other banks. Though, when other currencies are intricate, the lines get blurry, and there is no method to evade the global FX markets.

What Does Work

Central bank blockchains

All reserved banks allocating in a national currency would also be members in the blockchain and be organizing the same ledger – any transactional payment metadata can be related with the blockchain deal is built into the money itself.

Using a token of value

The difficulty bitcoin solves here is dropping capital necessities.

With bitcoin you don’t require to accept a $10m position to bunch a small payment. You can send every individual $200 transaction separately for close to no cost globally.

Pegged crypto currencies

Fundamentally these pegged cryptos are a kind of token of value that regulates automatically to marketplace conditions to uphold a peg to a selected fiat currency or product.


The fact about bitcoin payments is that the digital currency can and previously does bring worth to the remittance industry.

It’s offering a solution for trading into and out of different exotic currencies.

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