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Xapo who is the Bitcoin BTC wallet provider says that they have received the conditional approval from the financial market watchdog of Switzerland for the operations in the country in a regulatory breakthrough for the firms who offer the safe keeping for the virtual currency.

The company has got conditional approval from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority after nearly two years of substantial investment and effort to operate in the Switzerland as stated by the CEO Wences Casares in a blog on their website.

The approval depends on many factors that consist of a membership of a self-regulatory organization said by the Casares. However, he adds that the organization is optimistic to meet the conditions and become able to serve as customers who don’t live in the United States from Switzerland.

The FINMA has decided not to comment on the status of an individual status of the company. A former managing partner of Xapo Olga Feldmeier who was the coordinator of the Swiss licensing process for the organization told Reuters that the Xapo was designated a financial intermediary. This means that it will not need a costly banking sector.

Many wallet providers such as Xapo who store the private keys allows the clients for accessing their digital currency funds. A network of bitcoin AMS operated by the Bitcoin Suisse across the Switzerland. In addition to this, it also operates online and in-person brokerage for shopping and selling bitcoins. However, they don’t store the private access keys itself, which lead to questions regarding Xapo who take deposits.

New light-touch regulations for the fintech companies are proposed by the Switzerland’s cabinet in Switzerland. It targets at the bolstering competitiveness and business. The proposals consist of a fintech license that is granted by the FINMA for the institutions restricted for taking deposits up to US$ 99.9 million and they don’t lend. This amount is equal to the 100 million in the Swiss francs.

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