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In Canada, the interest in the blockchain technologies grows rapidly because of the launching of the new Fintech startups and blockchain ventures and the government officials have shown their interest in the chances of Canada to become a global hub for fintech/blockchain. Also, the central Bank of Canada is looking in on the act to conduct the experiments with the digital currencies and blockchain BTC technology.

According to the recent AdvantageBC study, the Canada mainly the western province of British Columbia is positioned well with a vibrant fintech ecosystem and technical expertise that leads to the world as the hub of excellence.

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada decides to extend its mandate and change its name to the Blockchain Association of Canada for recognizing this growing interest. It was founded by Anthony Di Loria in 2013, however, he steps down from his role in 2015.

Kyle Kemper, who is the present executive director of the new Blockchain Association of Canada told to Bitcoin Magazine that their mission is to educate and boast a dialogue between the businesses, policy makers and leaders in ensuring that Canada continues to be the leading countries for the innovation of the blockchain technology.

Amber D. Scott, who is the BAC board member and CEO of the Outlier Solutions says that there is a thriving and incredible scene here that keep grows. According to him, he has seen a great type of interest and engagement from both the regulatory and academic communities.

The Director of the BAC Board Ageesen Sri says that Canada is a perfect blend of creativeness, grit, and talent and there are lots of perfect things for the country because the environment keeps its pace with the innovations.

The change in name from the Bitcoin Alliance to the Blockchain Association of Canada looks like a logical decision considering the reaching scope and potential of blockchain in the different sectors.

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