Bitcoin Also Hobby For Exchange Workers Along With Business?

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After grabbing attention around the world for many years, it looks like the bitcoin is making inroads with the workers at the service providers and exchanges in the sector.  The Bitcoin was not a topic that discussed frequently at the World Exchange Congress this week as it only appears in the conversations that were spurred by evangelists.

There are many companies who still want to have some sense of applications for the distributed ledger tech, but their workers looked like taking all this general idea as a hobby.   One of the premier examples of this is the Lazlo Szabo, who works in the IT department of the publicly owned Budapest Stock Exchange.

He wasn’t able to offer much information on telling what their company is doing for boosting the developments in the blockchain sector. Szabo says that they have many other problems to deal and notes that the exchange has upgraded its trading engine.

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As noted before, there are many respondents who have spoken regarding the digital currencies and blockchain. Some of them were eagerly waiting to see applications for the technology while others were not sure on how to take advantage from it.

The CEO of Uganda Securities Exchange Paul Bwiso thinks that the appeal in Bitcoin is a type of virtual money. He gives the importance to the mobile phones in the financial system of Africa, however, he didn’t think that it is a chance for his operation.

At last, he says that it is the future, which can be seen as a positive about this technology. A similar kind of statement was given by the CEO of Bahrain Bourse Khalifa Bin Ebrahim who says that the bitcoin will get its position in the finance sector. Also, the founder of Riskbone Lanre Sarumi says that the bitcoin has a transparent direction and the blockchain is a perfect currency to use across the world.

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