Company Behind Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright Brought By Private Investors

Craig wright Bitcoin Creator

nChain, a technology company having an association with Craig Wright has been acquired by a high-tech private equity fund SICAV that is managed by the Accuro Fund Solutions. Craig Wright is a scientist who had made the claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto in the past.

According to the SICAV, it is the biggest acquisition to date in the history of the underlying blockchain technology of bitcoin. However, they don’t give the value of the deal and even doesn’t mention Wright in their press release. nChain was identified by the Reuters as the vehicle of Wright to file hundreds of blockchain and bitcoin regarding patents.

The UK records have confirmed that the target company has filed over 80 blockchain and bitcoin related patents under both the EITC and nChain names.

Is it a $ 300 million deal?

The sources close to the deal told Reuters that there is around $300 million invested in nChain, but the time period isn’t clarified in detail.

Wright tells the Reuters that their main mission is to make the bitcoin into a global system that shouldn’t have any rulers or kings. He furthers says that all I want is to increase the use of the bitcoin and want that at least a billion people on-chain uses it daily. According to Wright, they have the people, the technology, and funds for doing this.

It was previously reported by the Reuters that Wright was working with Calvin Ayre, who is a Canadian online gambler for creating a portfolio of the patent. nChain has sent an email to the Reuters in which he states that neither Wright nor Ayre has a stake before or after this deal.

Previously, nChain says that the assets and intellectual property of the Wright have been acquired and now he is holding the position of the chief scientist. According to the previous post of Reuters, Wright had a deep involvement in the early development and he has told the tax officials in Australia that he is the owner of more than 1 million bitcoins.

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