Do We Have Bitcoin Creator? Is It Craig Wright?

Craig wright Bitcoin Creator

The enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto has stepped into the limelight. Craig Wright, an Australian has signed documents with a cryptographic key. Bitcoin experts claim that Craig Wright is indeed the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The claimant of the title “Creator of the Bitcoin”, Craig Wright for his part says that he does not want the anonymity anymore. What? What again? Could anyone become tired from anonymity? Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym for that cryptocurrency creator. It brought the person fame and a lot of media attention. The pressure became intolerable, claims Mr. Wright.

A little about the Bitcoin. Bitcoins do not require a bank account or credit cards. The user can buy or sell items on the internet through this cryptocurrency Bitcoin. When it was first presented to the public, it was only worth three or four pennies. Now, it is worth a mite over $400.

How did Craig Wright measure up to the unknown Satoshi Nakamoto? He used cryptographic keys that the maker of Bitcoin used in the first editions of the cryptocurrency. Not many people knew about the key and therefore only Satoshi could have known about it, ergo, Craig Wright is Satoshi.

What’s behind Craig Wright?

So, what does he want? Why did he reveal himself? To the first question, he says that he does not want money, fame or attention. He only wants peace – he just wants to be by himself. That makes the second question more imperative. Why? There are no answers to that question at present. Could it be that the real Satoshi Nakamoto is still in hiding…behind Craig Wright?!?! The mystery deepens.

Bitcoin price was under a bearish pressure due to the Bitcoin creator news, and was seen trading down during the past couple of sessions. The impact was not that huge, but BTC/USD was seen struggling.

The above information is sourced from the interview Craig Wright gave to three media groups – The BBC, GQ Magazines, and The Economist.

Featured image source – BBC

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