Ethereum Is Significantly Becoming Both Valuable & Popular

Ethereum Ether

Ethereum also know as Ether and abbreviated as ETH is significantly becoming both valuable as well as popular. Kraken has pioneered in Dark Pool trading with Ether. It is predominantly facilitating large volume traders to place huge orders of exchange without disclosing their identity. Without revealing their objectives to others, high volume traders tend to have no significant effect on the exchange value of the currency.

Karken, the first ever digital currency exchange to introduce Ether in trading shared with CCN that, since January 2016, there has been spectacular rise in ether’s value.

Jesse Powell, CEO, Karen feels that this is the ideal time, to enable the feature to trade the currency behind Ether.

Powell affirmed, “We created the Ether Dark Pool to viaduct the gap between over-the-counter desk and our lit order books.” He added that trading volume for Ether has radically increased our exchange.

Ether Dark pool trading has less market impact and enhanced price for larger blocks. Dark Pool enables the clients to exchange or trade Ether in six currency pairs namely Bitcoin, Euro, US dollar, Canadian dollar, pound sterling and Japanese yen. Depending on trade volume, the trading charges range from 0.20% to 0.36%. This trading fees is in accordance with other Kraken dark pools, including the bitcoin dark pool.

Additionally, Kraken has also made Ether a secure currency for its Margin Trading program. Hence, a trader’s Ether balance can be used as a guarantee for the borrowed funds linked to a leveraged margin trade.

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