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Looking to buy and hold digital currency Bitcoin? Then, simply get hold of Coinbase, pioneers in the space and the best known brand as well.

The history of Coinbase goes back to four years, when it was one of the very few early starter bitcoin wallet. Being an early mover, Coinbase was able to establish its brand firmly in the market, and became the highest grosser ($107 million) of its time in raising venture capital. Co-founders of this bitcoin startup, Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, turned into poster boys of BTC startup fraternity.

In the recent years there’s a new technology called blockchain that’s competing in the same space with bitcoin and powering it. The one major difference between both of them is that banks, that have vehemently opposed bitcoins, are enthusiastic about Blockchain as it helps them improve their operational efficiency.

With this trend, some of the initial startups of bitcoin space have moved away from keep bitcoin as their core theme in business and marketing. Coinbase, however, is an exception to this trend, and has shown staunch support to bitcoins. The founders believe that BTC is a significant part of blockchain.

Using intranet vs. internet analogy, the founders explained the the Btc vs blockchain will eventually end up in masses going for the open and free for all network, which would be a win for bitcoin.

Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase is bullish about future and sees Coinbase to be Goldman Sachs in the field of cryptocurrency. In the case of bitcoins, some say it is already there.

Coinbase, over the years, has grown way beyond being a BTC wallet. It boast of over 2 millions of users and is operable in more than 30 countries. Among the recent launches has been the service for U.S. customers to allow buying of bitcoins via debit cards. Also it introduced a new business called the bitcoin exchange.

While blockchain is becoming hot, the debate of bitcoin vs blockchain is turning hotter. Some industry experts have already written down the obituary for bitcoins. One of these experts is the CEO of JPMorgan, Mr Jamie Dimon.

That said, Coinbase founders are firm on their stand and share growth figures of 91% rise over last year. There is just no looking back for Coinbase.

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