Deadlock For Zero-Fee Bitcoin Transaction

Bitcoin transaction

The norm in 2011, the exception in 2012 and dead in 2016. The short lifetime of Zero-Fee Bitcoin transactions. As the number of users rose, so did the problems for this company. An increase in amounts of Bitcoin transactions that led to an increase in Bitcoin fees, primarily because miners favor transactions with the fees being the priority transaction.

As a result, users faced a lag while clearing their Bitcoins transactions. What’s shocking is that there were cases when small transactions, generally without fees were lost in the Bitcoins ether, re-appearing a few days later.

The rise of transactions makes up for a fascinating story in itself. They were dubbed as one of the best reasons for using BTC. Not only that, they were also considered as the world’s first truly international value transfer system with the lowest transaction fees. Just like everything, the transaction fees have also fallen prey to effects of inflation. Although they are slightly more expensive now, they still seem to lie on the lower side when compared with some of the other value transfer systems.

In today’s world, all miners expect transactions to include the fees. The majority agree to the fact that, in reality, low transactions fees are impractical as they fail to provide any kind of incentive to the miners.

After stating all the above information above, just look back to see why Bitcoin payments actually make sense. Cheaper than wire transfers, which cost the sender nearly $20 and there is no guarantee that the receiver too will not be charged. Quick and speedy delivery, is a criterion for a sample of the population.

Although the catch being that, with Bitcoin there is a transaction cost, unlike with a cheque. Unless you want to a visit from the police officers, do not considering transferring cash via mail. Nationally, it makes sense. Internationally, it makes even more sense.

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