Linkedin Users’ Hacked And Are Up For Purchase For 5 Bitcoins

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Leading professional networking site LinkedIn now has unauthorized disclosure of more than millions of users’ data. The members’ account details being vulnerable has been black-marketed on deep web since 2011.

Online security and privacy no longer exists. Nothing virtual is being spared. Be it login information, credit card details, images on cloud platform or banking credentials. June 2012 data theft history is repeating and the victimized data of 6.5 million encrypted passwords of LinkedIn accounts back then has returned to kick on their back.

As per the reports, over 167 million LinkedIn users’ login credentials were stolen by Peace, a hacker group, of which 117 million include passwords and are now available for purchase on the ‘The Real Deal’, a crypto marketplace on the internet. Anyone interested in the deal can get the data for mere 5 bitcoins. The hacker group reportedly contacted one of the tech sites and gave these insights into the data theft and the deal.

While chances are that the majority of LinkedIn members have changed their passwords since the theft, however, there are those who have never tried to do as such or are unaware of the attack.

Cory Scott, Chief Information Security Officer, LinkedIn writes, “We have begun to invalidate passwords for all accounts created prior to the 2012 breach that haven’t updated their password since that breach. We will be letting individual members know if they need to reset their password.” He further wrote,” We have demanded that parties cease making stolen password data available and will evaluate potential legal action if they fail to comply.”

LinkedIn members, immediately change the passwords to keep the data from being hacked again.

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