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‘Purse Pre’ a new service was recently launched by, the largest marketplace for Bitcoin which will let customers get their hands on the latest pre-order gadgets and popular consumer electronics all at the same site.

Pre-orders too often come across issues such as, technical problems, late shipment, or instant fails. As a result, clients are left with neither the payback nor the item ordered. Even the credit cards provide protection to customers, which last only 90 days. PurseIO intends to make the procedure smooth for customers who pre-order.

Purse Pre protects purchasers money until items get dispatched. It utilizes Bitcoin technology and the world’s most dependable escrow framework for virtual currency; guaranteeing that pre-orders are either perfectly delivered or customer gets the whole refund.

Andrew Lee, CEO at Purse told, “Purse Pre is the ultimate place to pre-order the hottest gadgets available.” He further adds, Purse Pre allows customers to pre-order multiple items at the same time that too safely. Purse’s blockchain technology securely escrows bitcoin to ensure that purchasers’ money gets released only when the ordered items arrive or an order gets cancelled out. PurseIO feels exhilarated to bring Purse Pre to people worldwide and to the entrepreneurs on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Furthermore, Purse Pre likewise permits clients to track the pre-ordered items’ production status and get total moneyback by cancelling the pre-order at any time before the product getting shipped.

On its launch, the Purse Pre market featured almost 80+ selective, innovative technologies for pre-order, including Lily, the amazing drone like camera that follows you around; Nebia, a revolutionary sauna-like showerhead that has been turning heads; Intelligent Oven June, the insightful cooker that will up your cooking game; BuzzClip, a navigation tool for the visually impaired; Navdy, a heads-up display that makes one feel like driving into the future; and many more futuristic ones.

Roger Ver, Bitcoin investor and evangelist included, “Purse Pre is perhaps the best consumer use-case for Bitcoin yet. The Purse Pre is a lot like Product Hunt, but with a Buy-it-Now button you can trust.”

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