Bitcoin Foundation To Start Again, But Can They Become Successful This Time?

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There are a lot of problems faced by the Bitcoin Foundation who is the main supporter of the bitcoin. This year, they are promoting the bitcoin with the help of their volunteer team. They have also made a strategy with the newly board members to provide lost glory to the bitcoin. Recently a report leaked, in which one of the core members of the board for taking a seat on the board of directors of the foundation. There are many different issues related to the law enforcement issues and donations, handling on which the Bitcoin Foundation faced criticism from the members of the bitcoin community. The running of group on low funds revealed in the previous year.

New Plans

Last week in an interview with CoinDesk, Fenton discussed his hopes regarding the future direction of the Foundation after the present day success of the fund. To keep the foundation running, the members of the board donated $10,000 each in the present year. Besides this, an unknown organization made a donation of bitcoin having a total value around $65,000. According to Fenton, the funds are going to be used in promotion of the education and better the work of the foundation.

The biggest problem in front of the organization is how reform the board as there are around 1,500 members each getting a vote. Two of the board members, Olivier Janssens and Jim Harper vote to dissolve the Foundation after which they both resigned.  The Fenton states hope to see the organization grab the structure in a more fashionable way.

Pay a Call from outwards

After resigning from the Foundation, Jim Harper started to work at the Cato Institute full time. According to him, the organization requires a secure privilege, better engagement and active direction sense, but he seems not confident about the success of the group. The later behavior of the Foundation is defended by the Fenton as they solve their past issues.

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