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In the past 3 years, the Bitcoin only prefers to develop infrastructure apps such as wallets and exchanges. What is the reason behind that? According to the Fred Ehrsam who is one of the co-founders of Coinbase, theĀ  scripting language shows information about very little software program. Additionally, it has many limitations. On the other hand, the Ethereum was only launched nine months ago has very advance development when compared to the Bitcoin. Fred thinks that there is no requirement of competition between the plans of Ethereum and Coinbase vs Bitcoin as he is supportive of both.

Path to Reach Where We Today Are?

In 2008, the Bitcoin made a memorable start on paper and concepts combined with right of way, such as economic incentives, computer science and cryptography. At its launch in 2009, there were almost no to little majority of people knowing about what the network oof Bitcoin was. The most important part of the Bitcoin is its scripting language and every transaction of the system has ability to write about a small program. It is the first network ever in the world that allows the access to the open financial system by using a free software.

Programming languages of Ethereum give access to many more features when compare with Bitcoin

When it comes to Britcoin, the language has many restrictions. Also, the users have limited access to the functions. Due to this, the users can perform only basic things. One of the examples of its complication is that it took around 8 months for a professional ex-Google developer Mike Hearn to make the first version of a very straightforward crowdfunding application.

On the other side, the programming languages of the Ethereum give users access to much advance programming. Also, the ease of use of the Ethereum make it an important feature for the digital transactions. Any developer can pick it up and use it to write up quickly.

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