Spanish Police, Exposing Stolen TV Content And 6 Illegal Bitcoin Mines

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An unprecedented move by the Spanish Police resulted in exposing Stolen TV content distribution along with 6 Illegal Bitcoin Mines.

An investigation on the Illegal distribution of paid/restricted TV content organized by the Spanish police turned out to be advantageous as it helped uncover 6 Bitcoin Mines.

These Illegal Mines came to light when the Spanish Tax authorities were closely following the Mining Process and Electricity which was being used for it. Since Mining demands large energy inputs, the miners resorted to stealing electricity in order to fulfil this Energy demand. Bitcoin Mining particularly, incurs transactions on its Public Ledger namely, the Blockchain. As the proceeds obtained from the sale of these Bitcoins out-valued the cost of electricity, these mines were able to make millions.

The search, seizure and subsequent destruction was conducted on the 18th of May. Europol, a European Law Enforcement Agency offered complete participation into the raid. Other results that culminated from the raid as seen in the investigation footage include:

  • 30 arrests.
  • Raid/search of over 30 homes across seven Spanish cities.
  • Seizure of over $35,000 worth of Bitcoins.
  • 10 Luxury vehicles were confiscated, along with a private aircraft.
  • Recovery of over 184,000 Euros, 50,000 restricted TV decoders and several Mining machines.

Piracy of Television Content is a large business spread out across continents. China among them, is a major exporter of decoders. An entire network of servers in Europe is also involved in this heist. The Head of serious and organized crime for Europol, Michael Rauschenbach released a statement saying that, “This operation shows that these types of crimes are not left unpunished”. The efforts taken to weed out this racket are definitely laudable.

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