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21, which is regarded as Bitcoin’s brilliant investment as a startup company envisions a completely new concept of using hardware and software which can effectively collect data and monitor it accordingly. This particular concept named Sensor 21 aims for the procedures which involves the effective use of an altimeter integrated successfully with a Bitcoin Computer to create a prototypic implementation for a simulation of weather tracker. This simulation aims to proved efficient process of data monitoring through specific data points like temperature, pressure, heat, height, etc.

This data which is collected form one particular geographic location, when collected accordingly from different such locations helps create a perfect scenario of a comprehensive mapping of weather factors for a particular area in general. Successfully incorporated in the project of IoT named as the Internet of Things, this could help monitor the current states of the international websites by the administrators in general. Further, this project was headed a step forward at the Coin Desk’s Consensus 2016 where this startup open sourced the corresponding software and made it freely available to the users alike.

There are many advantages associated with this particular project especially since it involves the integration of local data over a large scale thus creating an effective environment for dealing with other technical and external factors for the same.

Considering a meltdown at a nuclear power plant at the Fukushima Centre in the country of Japan in 2011, this network can thus facilitate the effective collection of information regarding the issues of radiations and the risk involved for the particular employees who are subject to such potential calamities.

Other applications include collection of data regarding the water quality content, thus highlighting the extent of pollution prevalent in the water bodies so that the corresponding measures can be taken effectively for the successful disposal of the same. This project thus proves a boon for many such industries worldwide which need a large amount of data procured from a geographical location to effectively carry out the tasks assigned in the business organization.

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