Darkode Botnet Hacker Sentenced – Stealing Bitcoin Treasury

Bitcoin Hacker Sentenced

Owing to the illegal cybercriminal activities, the Darkode hacker has been sentenced to prison duration of a year and a half. This hacker who controlled around 5000 computers as a botnet thieved over around 80000 dollars in bitcoin in association with another conspirer.

The guy named Rory Stephen Guidry, 29, Louisiana was sentenced to nearly 12 months and a day of prison for cybercriminal activity of hacking about 5000 credit card details and then trying to sell a botnet after stealing around 80000 dollars of bitcoin.

Guidy took a share of half of the amount earned thus, 40000 dollars in bitcoin, a part of which was successfully converted to real fund which he spent accordingly. However, there hasn’t been significant news about the seizure of the bitcoins which have been confiscated from him.

Darkode is the most eminent English speaking hacker platform which comprised of an unlawful market condition where each of the members had to prove themselves worthy of the forum through different detailed procedures in the same. The prospective candidate has to prove himself apt for the forum’s profits and contribution by submitting a demo of the same, after being invited by a member of the Darkode itself.

Finally the governments all over the world and the corresponding law enforcement agencies participate in the same leading to the down heave of Darkode in the month of July, 2015. A significant amount of 12 members were arrested accordingly and much of the hacked resources were retrieved with the corresponding aspect as such.  The bitcoin monetary policy has excellent opportunities for transactions and are the current economic trends for money exchange amongst the various clients. This evolving business organization has trended quite voluntarily, bringing in large amounts of economic profits for the same. These profits are effectively dealt and so is the popularity of the bitcoin in the market. Security purposes may sometimes prove a threat and are ought to be controlled to prevent such incidences.

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