Consumer Market Shocked By Attack Of Ddos On Bitgo Bitcoin Wallet

BitGo Bitcoin

The server of the company completely brought down after the attack that lasts between four to five hours. The company tweets out apologies to its clients after an hour of the incident. Normally, the users of the Bitcoin have to wait hours before the approval of the transaction. The company has built a platform that is pretty secure over the years for energizing the instant Bitcoin transactions.

Many Other Services was Set Down by the BitGo DDoS

In the Bitcoins world, the service gains popularity due to its extraordinary offering, either via its API or its own wallet. They integrate with many companies such as Wirex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Unocoin and Bitstamp. The BitGo is integrated with these services to offer instant approval of the Bitcoin transactions without its users to remain on hold for the operation to go through.

There were many issues faced by these companies after the hit of DDoS after not being able to offer the instant resolutions for many of the transactions. The BitGo was integrated by the Wirex as the go to solution to energize the debit cards based on its Bitcoins.

After the attack on BitGo by DDoS which damaged its service. Due to this, the company sent out an email to all their customers informing them to not make any transactions until a confirmation will sent to them by the Bitgo.

The attack of DDoS on Bitcoin signs towards a Profitable Marketing

There is nothing new about the DDoS attacks on the portal of Bitcoins. In internet market, there are many hackers who earns money for their living by renting their services on the Dark Web and then they launch DDoS attacks on payment portals of the Bitcoins on-demand.

In the past, the services of the Bitcoin faced many security related incidents having ended in the thefts of Bitcoin. Recently, the services such as Gatecoin, BitQuick, Cryptsy and LoanBase have seen data breaches.

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