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The Cloud based financial services platform Uphold announced that they have added the support on its platform for Ether. They stated in the blog that the members of the Uphold will now able to buy or convert the value to Ether from their account. Any person who understands what the ETH is, will be able to hold, convert and send as they have done for 30 other currencies they support.

The Uphold plans to support both the Litecoin and Ethereum was revealed in March. The support to the Litecon was added in May, which allows the members to purchase or convert their existing value to Litecoin. Now, the Uphold has become the only platform who supports the free convertibility of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin after this new announcement.

Now, following features can be accessed by the members:

  • The members can buy ETH with currencies such as USD, GBP and EUR through debit card or bank transfer.
  • In the Uphold wallet, they can convert any currency into the ETH .
  • They can hold any value of ETH for free for any time they want.
  • Transfer of Ether to anyone having an email or Uphold account without any cost.

The first $1,000 is fully free in a month, whereas there will a 0.95% fee charged after that on all exchanges. The price index of Ether is determined from the external exchanges in a real time.

Payment in Ether through Bitwage

The bitcoin payroll startup Bitwage becomes first to provide the first experience of its type. It allows the workers to try a decentralized autonomous organizations world via paychecks.

A financing round worth $ 760,000 was announced by the Bitwage in the Novemeber month of last year. Out of  the total amount, $ 200,000 was raised on the BnkToTheFuture investment platform. The included investors were Orange Telecom’s Silicon Valley, Maz Keiser’s Bitcoin Capital, Cloud Money Ventures, Saeed Amidi and Tim Draper’s Draper Associates.

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