Vitalik Buterin- A Brilliant Mind Who Invented Ethereum

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In 2014, I got a chance to meet Vitalik Buterin in Miami, while attending a Bitcoin conference.  I got an invitation from a known person in New York to stay in a beach house, where there were a team of developers working on a great project named as Ethereum. The beach house was serving as the headquarters for making ideas.

During my first morning of the conference, I wake up and walked into the living room where there were no people. There were just extension cords, empty beer bottles and whiteboards.

The only person awaken was Buterin, who was sitting in the chair and working with full of passion. He was just a 19 year old boy hovering above his laptop and typing at an incredible speed.

After two months, a white paper was published by him describing an ambitious technology that sounds impossible. He looks above, the mission of the Bitcoin to enable the unmediated digital payments and created an environment for self-governing software of different kinds.

Since last two years, the process of the Ethereum revolves around the code making it too mysterious. I have heard from various people that the Buterin learns to speak the Mandarin language in just a few months and also he is an autistic wunderkind. The people who work closely with him seem to be mystified by him. Michael Perklin says that I saw him on the commuter, when he was wearing a mismatched Hello Kitty socks.

The Buterin was born in the city of Moscow and until the age of six, he stays in Russia. At that point, he moved with his parents to the Canada to have better job opportunities. The Buterin’s network of the correspondence grows as he became interested in the Bitcoin.

A technology has created by the Buterin through which ordinary people can choose alternatives to the traditional financial system.

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