Doors Open For Ether By Australian Bitcoin Exchanges

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A range of new services had been announced by the leading bitcoin exchanges CoinTree and CoinLoff through the users can purchase Ether and other varieties of the altcoins. Eth is gaining popularity these days among investors.

Now, the users of the CoinTree can swap their bitcoin for different altcoins such as ether, DAO and litecoin tokens. Users of the CoinLoft making deposits are now capable of purchasing bitcoin or ether.

Apart from the established services whose main focus is to make bitcoin accessibility to the general public, the exchanges of the bitcoin have now streamlined the process to buy ether.

In the blog of CoinLoft, the co-founder of the CoinLoft David Temple states that the Ethereum is amazing project having a great future in the smart contract’s area. In the recent months, the ETH has garnered a lot of attention and they feel proud to provide this option to the customers. It can be purchased, using both the Flexepin vouchers and cash deposits.

The Australian citizens welcome this move who is interested to explore the altcoins and ushers to a new level to have an access to ether. A feature was announced by the CoinTree that they offer its users an option in order to set up a purchase of recurring bitcoin.

The CoinTree Co-founder Shane Stevenson also talks about this announcement and said that we will continually work to support the bitcoin and we will also work to lower the entry barriers in cryptocurrencies for all the Australians who are interested.

After the announcement of this feature, it is shown that the exchanges of the bitcoin are keen to have benefitted from the interest in the altcoins within the Australia. In the recent times, there is a great increase in the support and this trend is expected to be continued.

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