Lisk Could Be Pushed By New Advisors Above Ethereum

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Ethereum – After its launch on 24th May, the Lisk has now climbed to the 7th coin on the CoinMarketCap. Lisk has added two prominent advisors to their executive team to assist the company to become the go to the platform for the applications of Blockchain and a decentralized service provider.

The two senior advisors added by the Lisk are IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson and Venture Capitalist Steven Nerayoff, stated by the CEO of the Lisk Max Kordek. These two were the most prominent individuals who guided the Ethereum to a great success.

The Cypto Sector Can be Dominated by the Lisk

While speaking about the development to the Cointelegraph, the Nerayoff states that he asked to advise companies regularly, but the idea to attach himself with the companies are transparent.

He further stated that he believes that it will become the go to the platform for the Blockchain’s services and applications. He still supports the different technologies such as Ethereum and any other as services for the own Blockchain applications for the Lisk that is written in the JavaScript.

Lisk can become more effective and quicker than the Ethereum

The investors of the Cryptocurrency Leon Fu, Hoskinson and Tai Zen recognized Lisk as a developing technology in an interview with the Cryptocurrency. According to them, the potential of Lisk to do a trusted execution of the codes is identified, even in more effective and faster ways than the Ethereum. They further say that there is need of certain requirement to modify the technology to reach an upper level.

Prime Factors Time, Focus and Community

Hoskinson says that, the main factors to determine the project’s failure or success is the time and community. An early fault in the Lisk’s marketing was pinpointed by the Hoskinson. He also says that one of the greatest things to move forward, not matters what happens. At last, he says that a major portion of his work will always remain behind the scenes. He will engage himself in managing strategic partnerships and giving advice.

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