Inventor Of Skype Wants To Save World By Using Bitcoin Technology

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The co-founder of the Skype Jaan Tallinn states that he is working on a new project. In the past, he was known to assist the people to talk with their relatives and friends living far away. A year has been spent by him to figure out how the blockchain can help to eliminate the biggest problems of humanity such as crime, corruption and so on.

Skype – Blockchain works on the open source technology keeping record of online transactions digitally. The main motive behind this technology was the prevention of the bitcoins from being stolen or duplicated and to track all the moves made by the users.

Jain Tallin states that the most interesting thing about the blockchain is that with the help of this humanity can reach to the piece of data without the need of any authority to dictate it. The blockchain principles were applied by the Tallinn for solving the social ills. He gives an example of over-fishing in which the fishes are being killed, but no fisherman will stand up and say let’s fix this.

A certain individual or maybe even a group can quit, but in return there will be more fishes for other fishermen. We can only eliminate this problem by coordination of the mechanisms.

One of the popular examples of the coordination mechanism was the mandate of the United Nations to fix the ozone layer. At that time in 1980s, certain chemicals were banned and it is believed by the specialists that ozone layer is now on recovering process.

Jane Tallinn speaks at the International Festival that a research is being compiled on a paper to know the uses of bitcoin for developing more number of coordination mechanisms. He further claimed that the slamming people will not change the behavior. There should be incentive schemes where people done the better for the humanity are awarded 20 years into the future to create the expectation that will be good for the long term.

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