New Bitcoin Prices To Be Developed By Cryptocompare

CryptoCompare Bitcoin, one of the major cryptocurrency data hubs of the networking words will be developing a new price widget which will have an integrated Coin Telegraph news feed.

Now users can easy monitor the cryptocurrency market data as well as the most recent cryptocurrency news. This new widget with convenient interface will allow the users to easy access the latest information about any trading pairs present in CryptoCompare Index: BTC USD, ETH USD, BTC CNY and others.

Websites can install this new widget for free. In order to do that, they need to visit the official website of cryptocompare and then select the appropriate tool and copy the resulting JavaScript which they get to their page.

Charley Hayter spoke about CryptoCompare and the new widget that “This simple API represents a great opportunity for any cryptocurrency-related website to provide valuable information to its audience at no additional cost.”

Since being founded by Charles Hayter and Vlad Cealicu in 2014, CryptoCompare has become a platform for crypto enthusiasts, as it has become a one-stop shop for all information about all the major cryptocurrencies. It also provides accurate price dynamics along with accurate market volume data from the top 25 crypto exchanges for currencies like Bitcoin, Ethureum and others. CryptoCompare also produces lot of analytical articles like toplists cryptocurrecies, businesses, guided, reviews etc. One more perk is that it allows the visitors to communicate and contribute to the conversation, which makes it a perfect social platform for a crypto enthusiast.

Charles Hayter told about how unbiased their platform is towards the crypto enthusiasts’ reviews and conversations. The basic idea is to use the community’s experience to give consensus behind what are the good products, what are the bad products and the products which can be improved as well as who all should be trusted and why.

Another feature that has been introduced by Cryptocompare is the portfolio feature. It allows the users to monitor their holdings in a base currency which they can choose and also their exposures to various other platforms- be it exchanges or online wallets.

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