Another Scam Of Bitcoin Ethereum Classic

Bitcoin Ethereum Classic

In our view, the Ethereum Classic is an absolute and total scam by the definition of the scam. The developers of the Ethereum don’t support it, nor the creator of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, which makes it vaporware. In order to protest hard fork decision of the Ethereum created by the altcoin.

It is valid to protest the hard fork of the Ethereum community in such a type? There is an exhaustive community debate about whether or not to fork, even after a month. It is argued that any protest, where the main mission is to enhance the buy and exposure of a protest enriching the promoters is very dubious.

Bitcoin is not going great

After the halving of the recent reward, the miners will only get around 50% of what they were previously getting for a block. Still the price/ bitcoin has not skyrocketed in response, as a result of which the miners are subsidizing losses in many other cases. There is no chance that those economics will last long. The security of the network decreases because the miners will drop off the network. This condition makes the bitcoin less secure network fundamentally as a record of all the past transactions in the network.

Ethereum was added as a fledgling first class citizen as a result of explanation between the Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrasm and Coinbase’s blowout acceptance of Ether this past week. The narrow minded Bitcoin bag holders and trolls are pushing the Ethereum Classic in the public remain unsuspected, which is not the main reason that the people are selling much portion of their Bitcoin. This is a strong indication that the Bitcoin is in a very weak position.

The decision looks grounded in the economic self-interest and the optimism and amazing ideas is building out in Ethereum and there is nothing can be seen close to this level at the moment in Bitcoin. I will sell around 80% of my bitcoin holdings today.

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