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Everybody has two reasons for doing anything in their life, one is a good reason, whereas the other one is a real reason. This same applied to the finance and the attacks against the team of the Ethereum from minority users of Bitcoin has continued to amuse and surprise me.

Bitcoin is owned by me and I support this project. Ethereum is owned by me and I support the project. The main thing, which is clear is that a portion of influential people in the Bitcoin community are tickled by the Ethereums in a way, which is not seen before. Over the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price unexpectedly dropped by more than 3%.

In San Francisco, I heard a series of Ethereum developer presentations yesterday, which run the gamut from using the blockchain, in order to run an energy micro-grid. They require no centralized power plant to be a playful Ethereum birthday faucet, which awarded people a small amount of the Ethereum.

The founder and CEO of the Digital Currency Group of the Bitcoin Investment Trust is Silbert. The Bitcoin Investment Trust describes themselves as invested exclusively in bitcoin. I continue to believe that it is a very bad idea to continue listing failed orphan chains on the major crypto exchanges. It is not only because it is making things more confusing and difficult, from where the philosophical love for the Ethereum Classic is coming from. But because the Classic has a low hashrate, so that a group of activist miners could be, if they wanted to destroy Classic and 51% attack. On the other hand, the Ethereum has a significant hashrate, which makes it a smart contract platform less likely, in order to be compromised by the activist miners than its weak castaway orphan.

I am in the wrong and Mr. Silbert has not replied to my requests for a clarification of why he is so passionate regarding the Ethereum Classic, when the Ethereums smart contracts platform don’t interest him.

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