Fake Bitcoin Wallet Apps found In Apple App Store

Bitcoin Apple App

The iTunes App Store run by the Apple, Inc. consists of many fake Bitcoin wallet mobile apps recently as stated by the representatives from the Breadwallet LLC, who posts on the Reddit. The similar names to the existing mobile wallet apps are used by the fake wallets, but open the user to having their accounts compromised and coins stolen.

They warn all the users to not download any of these apps. The apple should purge all these fake apps.

The users of the Bitcoin wallet should use the links provided on the official websites for the wallet in the meantime, as they want to use it instead of going through Google Play or iTunes. The user will be guaranteed that the wallet app they are looking is the official app.

The app review process of Apple not able to stop the numerous fake apps

It is apparent that Appleā€™s review and vetting process have completely failed to stop the addition of the different fake apps. A fake app pretending to be from the company was added to the App Store on July 29 as stated by the Breadwallet, in order to sell the fraud using the same name and icon of the Breadwallet app. An immediate action was taken by the Breadwallet and had it removed by contacting the Apple. Before the complaint, many users downloaded the app and reported the stolen funds.

This is not the first time that the mobile apps have appeared targeting the people with the Bitcoin wallets. As the popularity of the Pokemon Go increases, the third party Android apps infected with the malware as previously reported. The fake app problem is not just in iTunes as the fake apps sneak into the Google Play for the Android and other marketplaces as well as the numerous fake apps revealed in the Google Play in 2012.

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