Bitcoin Tracker – A New Bitcoin Analytic Tool

Bitcoin Analytic Tool

Bitcoin is basically a digital currency and not like virtual currencies that is dollars and pounds, which basically has a decentralized system which makes the decision making process easier and you do not have the central authority above you, unlike banks. Through this article you would be able to get insight about the bitcoin tracker which is basically an app to track all your bitcoins transactions.

What is it?

This is basically a new service called Bitcoin tracker which ultimately make it easier to track your BTC transaction although it is in reality is just a block explorer. As many people think that it is impossible to track the bitcoin transactions, this app will make them stunned as all the transactions are available on the blockchain in real time.

Myths associated with bitcoin transfers

As all the bitcoin transfers are broadcasted on the blockchain in real time there is no anonymity there and people do not have to believe on the myths all around. There is basically no software and hardware available for it and you can easily access all the information about your transfers through a browser.

It is more than a Block explorer

Many researches have conducted and all the focus got shifted on the different kind of BTC analytic tools, one of them is Chainalysis which is in the headlines these days and it seems that it is not difficult to track the Bitcoins transactions.

More about the Bitcoin tracker

These days the creators of the app are branding their software and is slowly gaining some interest in the coming months, although it is still in beta and many more features are still to be added.

This app is something different from all the other apps and is a very convenient way to follow the bitcoin transactions through a three-pane window. It has given the users some features like transaction flows, plus a wallet address which can also be tagged with the name which will ultimate make this tool a user friendly interface.


It is an interesting option to attract the consumers and its services are very easy to be used by the beginner and most important is that it does brings legitimacy to the Bitcoin as not being an unknown option to transfer the money making it more secure.

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