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In an event that has now become a tradition, the Blockchain Education Network (BEN), is going to hold a global bitcoin airdrop across North America. The blockchains clubs including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and New York as well as Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa are organising the event.

With the aim to create awareness about bitcoins and blockchains, bits will be distributed to student across university campuses. As part of the event, club members will also give a presentation on how to create and do transfers on wallets. The floor will also be open for first time users to clarify their doubts about bitcoins. It will be an opportunity for students to realize how easily bitcoin can be swapped for fiat currency, thereby encouraging them to trade using bitcoins in the future.

The first Bitcoin Airdrop was conducted in 2014, when the MIT Bitcoin Club raised $500,000 bits to welcome freshmen students in Massachusetts universities. In 2015, the education Bitcoin Airdrop was conducted in Montreal, with donations raised by the McGill Cryptocurrency Club. Now, the Blockchains Network Education aims to make inroads in all the regional clubs.

The Blockchain Network Education wants bring in a blockchain revolution, and believe that it can be achieved through education. Since, most people are still unfamiliar with the concept of new age digital currencies and blockchains, the airdrop will encourage students to become curious and take a step towards becoming first time users of these advanced currency technology.

BEN comprises of young and vibrant members between the age-group of 18-25. The members want to reach out to this demographic as most students who are constantly working in the virtual world, must be aware of blockchain technology. The network also feels that conducting an airdrop at the start of every academic year, will garner interest amongst new students.

Not only that, BEN is also busy preparing for the Fall 2016 outreach program, Blockchain Olympics (October) and Blockchain Startup Gauntlet (November) to bring in more members into the blockchain ecosystem.

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