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A famous Youtuber and a Digital and Cryptocurrency Advisor, David Seaman has been seemed to be retired from his world of Bitcoin Trading BTC and Advising the people about how smartly to invest into it and how to earn more. His whole journey towards this life has been detailed here.

Moving himself from South Florida to Los Angeles, hew has raised around $6000 while working on internet for a long point of time, and settling himself in Los Angeles, met with many guys and friends where they were some disturbing in nature too. But to need of them, they need to be kept contact along with them and work along with them to get some know how of the markets.

Meeting with lot many of persons and talking about the career and passion, none of them actually understood. Some told lie to him and some just made him fool showing bright dreams in the day time. Due to economic necessity, he moved to Colorado, where he needed to start his living and the career from the beginning as it was totally a new journey for him which he had lived for. Here, where his already earned and invested money in the Bitcoins were going down and down, he was very much worried about the financial stability.

Leaving Colorado, he flew to Canada for a better job apportunity and better learning experience, where he learnt more about the BitGold, which was one of the subisidiary of GoldMoney. Here the founder of GoldMoney, Mr. Roy Sebag and David Seamen beacame good friends and he took this as an opportunity and moved forward in his life.

Further for learning more about the cyrpto currency. He went to California where he was intriguted about the launch of Bitcoin 2.0 Technology. Lately jumping into the Television, he was chosen as a panelist and allowed to take on air, one show which was named “Take Part Live”, which after his appearance, the show was stopped and other.

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