Increasing Threats Of Malware Put Bitcoin Bitcoin In Danger

Criminals Using Bitcoins

The people in Bitcoin have to worry about some things. Along with the hacking incidents, the numbers of the malware and ransomware has also increased. There are lots of malicious programs detected by the multiple cyber security firms in the recent weeks.

Here is the list of the main threats to the BTC Bitcoin community

Windows ransomware

Fantom is a new ransomware threatens the Windows machine users. The malware has disguised itself very cleverly as an official update from the Microsoft, which tricks the users to install it. It will not only presents itself as a window update but also simulate a Windows update screen.

Mac OS X Malware

The Mokes.A malware is the main threat to the users of the Apple Mac. The malware doesn’t demand bitcoin ransom and encrypts files, but it can capture screenshots, record keystrokes and access documents of the user. It can compromise bitcoin wallet, exchange and banking credentials of the user. Makes.A can also access the private and public keys stored as the documents. This malware is capable of sending the important to its Command and control server through which the users can get the information and reuse it for their personal benefit.

Android Malware

There are more than two million Android devices said to be infected by the DressCode and CallJam malware. This two malware don’t try to steal the password, but capable of increasing the phone bills and creates a botnet, that can use for the malicious benefits.


The best way to avoid these types of malware is to always keep your phone updating and download the software from trusted sources only. If the users will only use the updated security software and ignore the email attachments from the unknown senders, then they can easily protect their phone from the malware.

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