Five BTC Winnings By Bitcoin Casino After KYC

BTC Bitcoin Winnings

CCN was contacted by BitStarz with full information related to the settled BTC payout. As we all know, the average time for withdrawal on BitStarz is nearly 10 minutes. The payment for this specific player got stuck as he only made small cashouts in the past and it gets processed automatically in the BitStarz system.

After that, the player request for a bigger Bitcoin cash out because he was waiting for a manual check.  BitStarz states that their security system notices that a non-verified card has been used by the player in the past. According to our terms, we require to verify this and the player got the documents in. Due to the difference of time zone, it took much longer time for him to read our message and sent the documents to us so that he get paid without any further questions.

After all this incident, the player went out on Reddit and still recommends everyone enjoy service of BitStarz.

They further said that the BitStarz was very transparent for this issue and we don’t want to dodge any question as we only ask, which people can see from both the perspectives. It is very simple to put the blame on someone, but we think that it is fair that both the parties get to raise their opinion and their perspectives of the story so that they can make a decision regarding education which is reasonable.

Moreover, CCN has an advertising partnership with the BitStarz. People who have any query or complaint regarding the BitStarz can reach out to guarantee a fast reply from the team of BitStarz as their exhibits in this case.

Bitcoin subreddit was taken by the Reddit ser DjPxH to complain about the digital casino BitStarz was holding a sizeable win of nearly 5 BTC achieved by him.

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