Bitcoin Trumps Modi, Bolivar, Trump And Brexit, Providing Investors Refuge

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Bitcoin – Whether it is the Demonetization woes which are affecting India or the election of Donald J Trump elected as the US President, the world’s fastest growing economy is immune from the risk of geography.

Uncertainty regarding the road leads to volatility and fluctuations. It is natural for the people to look for the alternatives when the fiat currencies come under the pressure. One of the alternatives is Gold but the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the people have more options.

Presently, they can opt for the currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoins. These currencies not only hold as a bet against the fiat currencies but also transact free from the money run by the government.

The woes of the Rupee making the case for Bitcoin

The recent situation has made the case of the BTC strong. For example, the demonetization by the Modi government in India started from the midnight of November 9, 2016, has the made the Indian rupee to trade at the historic lows. Since then, the rupee has been hit very badly. The rupee reaches to a record low of 68.85 against the US dollar on 24 November during the Intraday trade as per the Economic Times.

By looking at the overall losses after the great policy of withdrawing 86% of the Indian rupees from the market gets unleashed from the government making the Indian currency loses 2.5 percent of its value against the dollar. Unocoin, an BTC available for RS 65,748- $955 at the Indian currency against the price which is near $741.08.

Why Bitcoin makes sense?

There are lots of people asking the question “why the bitcoin is a great option against risks affecting specific countries and geographies”?

The best thing about Bitcoins are that it is seamless and can flow across the borders and don’t control by a central authority. In addition to this, the Bitcoin is pretty immune from the manipulation of the capital controls and nation states.

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