Ethereum Support Is Added By Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Keepkey

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The cryptocurrency hardware wallet KeepKey will now support Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum on a single device. They have implemented an integration with the Ethereum because of the soaring demands of community and lots of user requests. The second most useful cryptocurrency will go live on KeepKey from the morning of Friday, which will allow the users to manage several Ethereum accounts and addresses.

The Chief Executive Officer of the KeepKey Darin Stanchfield states that the Ethereum is the most requested one out of all the assets they are asked to support on the KeepKey. It is a big project having a great following and they are thrilled to release their public beta on Friday.

The Keepkey and extension of KeepKey Chrome will become the first hardware wallet and application, which supports the ETH, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dogecoin in one single user interface.

He further added that the rise of the cryptocurrency came to the increase of the digital thief and hacker. The users of the ETH have faced the same type of security hurdles faced by the Bitcoin users. It is very tough to secure the private keys and that’s why the stakes are very high. The security of the ETH becomes simple by using the KeepKey. It means that you will feel safe during the transaction process without any worry.

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The co-founder of the Ethereum Vitaik Buterin states that the most important problem that needs to be eliminated from the blockchain technology is the user account security in order to achieve the mass consumer adoption.

The CEO of the ShapeShift Erik Voorhees further states that the Bitcoin and Ethereum on one hardware device offer immense value to the digital asset ecosystem. The companies such as KeepKey have done a lot for advancing individual financial security as compared to the banks done in the past hundred years.

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